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Jacq here.
You'r reading my life
I own nothing except a fat cat
n drink wine
I love Guns & Roses
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&! Monday, March 29, 2010
Life After
2:49 PM

this is a new start.
an end to poly life and well, gotta find a job soon...

i just adopted* two strange animals

Polkadot a cat


Hotdog a dog

haha say hi to my new friends.
currently im in love with both,
i love every breathing moment.

in love.


&! Thursday, March 18, 2010
11:24 AM

i went to a talk today.

it was ...
it was indescribable.

they got Kelley Cheng as one of the speech givers & whao, she took my breathe away with her works and wits.

Daniel Ong as the host and Zee Avi as a erm...decoration? HAH. opps i meant attraction.

Kelley Cheng is really one good local designer. check out her works if u guys are free.
her mantra however is to NEVER turn down a single project irregardless of the profit margin.

No money? NVM! i'll do it!

(but i dunt think im that generous in money sense to be not earning n yet paying)

THANKS LYNX for this great treat which i declined profusely in the beginning hahahhah!
now im just grateful that i went...

& oh god Stripy u gave me alot of injuries...


&! Wednesday, March 17, 2010
1:46 PM

New York
Egg Tarts

i LOVE these moments.


1:12 PM

let me see, its 4am in the morning and i cant sleep yet cause i had to look for runway music...

you must be thinkin whathefuck am i bloggin?!
i dunt know too.

i miss blogging
cause i found happiness in dictating my life down - NOW, not then.
sharing all the tiny bits n pieces with anyone.

sounds cliché. hah.

but then, surprisingly i felt fear.
im scared.
im scared of losing all this.
sometimes i cant sleep...the whole night i thought about future, how?
like what u said of a Polaroid - as times goes by it will fade to nothingness...

"My life is like a Polaroid as time goes by it fades to nothing"
please don't,
i wont bear to let you fade away from me.

No, i wont allow.

i will paint it with colors,
with all i have, even by force.
with my heart or even my blood.
i will not allow it to fade not a single shade.
preserve the fond memories, at least.
never shall it fade, not unless im dead.


&! Thursday, March 11, 2010
The End
7:27 AM

it ended.

i loved you once before
so strong was the impulse to see you
so weak was the attempt
im sorry if ive hurt u
but then again i cry too.

i miss you, but not any more.
bye letter boy
let us part gracefully.

with love,

Fashion Woes

hi earth.
im back from all the nonsense shit.
the fyp killed and butchered me alive,
but i survived - well hopefully?
(results are not out yet...)

ive got a creepy bad premonition like something bad is bound to take place just its not the right time yet...
maybe the lecturers planned to fail me?
due to my wonderful display of acute attention to my queen-size bed?!
argh hope not, mother in heaven please bliss me eternally!

currently i am always in an unexplainable trance-like state of either extreme joy or trapped in this solemn detached mood.
its gotta do with the fyp i think.... i hope.
& because i need some relief i went shopping for necessities ...erm at Topshop.
brought like omg this uber cute polka pants n cropped top with this pink scallop neck frills...

Best Buy of the month - SEAGATE 500gb external harddisk. $129

im back to teaching art n complicated single hood that comes with unlimited benefits with you-know-who...haha! okay...bye world.