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&! Saturday, May 16, 2009
5:36 PM

To this coming stage,

ive finally found my worth and standard of work in this education path that ive chosen 2 years back.

To have your talent and hardwork recognized, the feeling is supreme.


its been so long since i last saw any distintions or good grades that im proud of.
so many obstacles, temptations and stress to cope with.
i've pulled off somehow.

im so emotional recently that i surprised myself.
i was shock when i saw the marks.

Quality Assurance For Textile,
i thank you Kyung Mi.

p.s. Kyung Mi is my lecturer from korea if u guys are wondering wth.


&! Monday, May 11, 2009
Sorrow play
12:47 PM

Arlecchino, the harlequin.

you must be him,
spawned to decieve me.
a game of lies and deciet we play,
i ask for truth, i pray.

all i ever need is a shoulder to lean on
someone to dry my tears and hug me tight.

Telling me its all over; you've got me to shelter you from the tide.

yet somehow i always met cruel ends.
not words of comfort, instead i was questioned why.

'have you cried enough? its making a din.'

from then on i learned.
women whom cry are uesless cause no man will care.
if he cares, he wont let you shed a single tear.

the ones whom you loved most,
will always leave the deepest scar.
Women survive with money but fueled by love.

i once thought finance wasn't a problem, as long as there is love.
show me the priceless love and i'll rejoice.

Draw me a flower if u think buying it is impractical.
Take the bus and share our songs if u cant drive.
Lets have a picnic if u cant treat.
Watch online movies if u hate theaters.

Tell me i'm sorry, grab me by the hands
pull me back and hold me, i will stop.
Stop and listen to you.
i will kiss you and forget wad you ever did to me.
but this never happened.

is killed, gone.


&! Monday, May 4, 2009
10:51 AM

i bumped into an old friend few days back.
i was questioned

' oei how are u! doing fine right? '

at that moment i dunno what went wrong i couldn't reply.
i thought i had cope pretty well.
masked all unhappiness and forgot what killed me weeks ago.
but no, i was shocked.
Stunned at how empty i felt, my reply was inadequate...

' huh? ok. doing '

its a very big lie even my friend saw through. i wanted to just walk away.
besides this guy wasn't really a close fren.
i dun even remember his name. he is rather irritating he continues the convo at the bus interchange...

H : u okay?! u sound like being shot, why alone? still haven find a bf ar?

J : huh?

H : since jon, u just disappeared. haha...3 years back right? but now sure attached right?

J : i just broke up not long ago.

H : huh. with who?

i nearly laughed. this guy is so kapo.

J : with a hairstylist, i dun think u know him.

H : ouh, i know that time did extention for u one right?!

J : omg! how u know ar!

H : i saw u at school with long hair suddenly! dun emo la.

J : hmm. ya.

H : hey i going tamp mall where u heading?

J : im going home...bye

and i walked off.
i hate myself on that day at that moment.

i was crying.