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Jacq here.
You'r reading my life
I own nothing except a fat cat
n drink wine
I love Guns & Roses
Rock n Roll

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&! Monday, May 11, 2009
Sorrow play
12:47 PM

Arlecchino, the harlequin.

you must be him,
spawned to decieve me.
a game of lies and deciet we play,
i ask for truth, i pray.

all i ever need is a shoulder to lean on
someone to dry my tears and hug me tight.

Telling me its all over; you've got me to shelter you from the tide.

yet somehow i always met cruel ends.
not words of comfort, instead i was questioned why.

'have you cried enough? its making a din.'

from then on i learned.
women whom cry are uesless cause no man will care.
if he cares, he wont let you shed a single tear.

the ones whom you loved most,
will always leave the deepest scar.
Women survive with money but fueled by love.

i once thought finance wasn't a problem, as long as there is love.
show me the priceless love and i'll rejoice.

Draw me a flower if u think buying it is impractical.
Take the bus and share our songs if u cant drive.
Lets have a picnic if u cant treat.
Watch online movies if u hate theaters.

Tell me i'm sorry, grab me by the hands
pull me back and hold me, i will stop.
Stop and listen to you.
i will kiss you and forget wad you ever did to me.
but this never happened.

is killed, gone.