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Jacq here.
You'r reading my life
I own nothing except a fat cat
n drink wine
I love Guns & Roses
Rock n Roll

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&! Thursday, March 5, 2009
9:12 AM

Today, tonight, ive hit my 101 post.
70% its all you.
joy or sorrow everythings about you.

im trying so hard to cope with everything.
somehow i dun think the medication helps at all
even if i had it with me.

its just mentally killing me physically.
think about it,
its unfair.

You've tried so hard to protect yourself but you've hurt me.
The past - think about it.
How we all started?
How you tried to hide me.
How you lied about everything.
How you told me about yourself.

Is this a good start?
Someone whom is willing to sacrifice for love?
Think about it.

I must be a fool to believe that i found a boyfriend
since you are always single.
A year passed
and forever u will be single from now on.

How did we celebrate valentine?
Or did we?

How did we celebrate my birthday?
You forgot.

When did we get together?
i think it never really happened.

How did we end up like this?
My fault.
Im sorry.

i've only just mistaken you as my boyfriend.
i will not do it again.

I use to take in everything, every single shit.
Somehow the limit has reached its peak.
Please, dun hurt me anymore now that all i want is to be friends.

i may need a little more time to forget you.
i might still call you.
just to listen to your voice.
just to tell u rubbish
just finding excuses so that u would talk to me

yes, i might be irritating but please forgive me.
just entertain me awhile more.
so please be nice just a little while more....

And i will go.
I will disappear and you will never know this person again.