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&! Monday, September 29, 2008
Key of Hearts
5:34 AM

Once, a magician created an enchanted artifact...

the Key of Hearts.

It is a key to open anyone's heart and lock its soul.

When the magician was about to die, he passed on his prized possession to a little boy whom happen to pass by...

" Petit garçon chanceux, c'est une clef magique.. "

" Petit garçon chanceux, c'est une clef magique... "

and the boy took the Key.

A strong gush of wind caused a pile of leaves to dance in the air, when the boy opens his eyes, all he saw was a maple tree.

The boy grew up, he was cursed some people say.
His parents was killed in a car accident but he was unharmed.
His only aunt took him in.
She was stabbed and killed by robbers not long after the adoption.

He was then left alone...he looked down at his key and thought

Why did all these happen to me? Aint you suppose to bring me happiness?

Just then a lady walked pass and took a pity on this poor, starving boy.
She brought him home and cleaned his face.

What a fine young man! He will grow up to be a wonderful son.

She brought him into the dining hall and introduced him as her adopted son. He was well liked by his new family.
Everything went well...too well.

The boy was so afraid of losing all these happiness, he began to have a wicked thought.
He want to own his mother's love forever.
He want to be basked in these happiness for as long as time permits...

One night, the boy took his key and stab into his mother's heart.
Blood gush out and the Key burned his skin like fire.
His mother died.
He cried in dismay, for he now knows he can never own someone's love.

Love can only be treasured.
The Key burn a mark on his skin.


Years passed since that inccident.
He became a handsome young lad.
He falls for a girl.
The girl thought very little of him. She treats him as nothing special because he was very poor.

He worked hard. He vows to grant happiness for her and thus he work from day till dawn earning gold.
Finally, he was flithy rich.
The girl really went to him and they lived together.

He knows its only for the money. He thought of the magician's Key...and he asked the girl

" Là où est votre amour? "

" You."

He grabs her hand and stab through his heart.
The girl screamed and dropped a Key...

On her hands, there was a mark.
It was her name.

I wrote this. Please do not rip from my blog dear strangers.