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Jacq here.
You'r reading my life
I own nothing except a fat cat
n drink wine
I love Guns & Roses
Rock n Roll

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&! Tuesday, February 19, 2008
8:00 AM

i always ask myself.

What have i done to deserve all things?
Why are you treating me this way?

I think you cant go heaven.

i stay with you.
but i pay rent.
so how do i address you, Mother or Mdm Tan?

you said i shud not have raised you.
but u fed me till 13 and im repaying wad i owe.
u just loss your youth.
i loss my freedom.

i work since 15 paid my own school fees.
i ask nothing more from you.
yet, you asked from me.

when i was working i gave u cash
you said it was too little and expect more.
i gave you 1000 per month last year.
i dont see whats so little.

i study art now.
you told your friends,

my daughter is good for nothing.
she's not gonna make it big. really stupid. Science student go and study art!
if one day she comes back crawling asking me to forgive her, i'll just pretend she never exist.

One of your friends brought my drawings, you said maybe she didn't draw it herself.
you hurt me did you know?

you really had me breaking down.
one day if i leave you.
you gonna regret.
im gonna take Ray's path.

you forced him to migrate.
he hates you.
he's so scared of bringing me along because of legal issues.
im gonna join him once im 21.
bye Mother.

you'll soon loss all your son and daughters.